Warranty Policy

Thank you for choosing Daysyore. We guarantee that all Daysyore products are rigorously tested by our quality inspectors before shipping, if you need after-sales service, please contact us by email: support@daysyore.com.

Warranty time?

We offer most of our products 1 year warranty, except for some refurbished products, which only have 6 month's warranty. You may refer to the detailed warranty time in each product page.

What does Daysyore's Warranty include?

During the warranty period, Daysyore will replace the same or similar product free of charge if the product's original manufacturing materials or workmanship are deemed defective. Products and parts replaced under this warranty will become the property of Daysyore and will not be returned to you. If the product and/or parts require service after the expiration of the warranty period, you must pay all labor and parts costs. The warranty will end if you sell or otherwise transfer the product.

What's not covered under warranty?

1. Products without sufficient proof of purchase
2. Lost or stolen product
3. Items out of warranty
4. Non-quality related issues (30 days after purchase)
5. Third Party Repair
6. External damage
7. Damage caused by improper use of the product (including but not limited to: drop, extreme temperature, water ingress, equipment misoperation)
8. Purchases from non-authorized resellers

How to apply for warranty?

If you have product quality problems during the warranty period, you can send an email to: support@daysyore.com, tell us your order number and product model, and we will reply you within 24 business hours mainly.

30-Day No Reasons Money Back Guarantee

1. Returns must include all accessories
2. Merchandise must include original packaging
3. For non-quality related warranty claims, the freight shall be borne by the buyer
4. For non-quality related warranty claims, Daysyore refunds the cost of the product itself
5. If the product does not meet the above requirements, the return may be rejected
6. For detailed refund and return policy, please click our return and refund policy

The 30-day money-back guarantee refund request expires after 30 days to file a warranty claim. Refund requests for non-quality issues cannot be processed for products older than this 30-day window.

Comapny Name: Northrock Inc
Email: support@daysyore.com
Phone: +1 3346102017
Address: 1312 17th Street Ste 2110 Denver CO 80202 United States