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Why Parking Sensor Doesn’t Alarm?

by 12 Jan 2023

Common reasons

  • The parking sensor system can't detect mesh objects like wire and cables or low objects like rocks, blocks, and blocks.
  • The parking sensorsystem cannot detect vehicles with high chassis, and cannot detect soft snow, cotton, sponges and other objects that easily absorb ultrasonic waves.
  • The parking sensorsystem cannot detect certain obstacles with special shapes.
  • The battery is dead, causing the reverse radar to fail to work properly.


Precautions for operation and maintenance of parking sensor

  • When cleaning the surface of the probe installed on the rear bumper, it is recommended to use the general detergent on the market, and to avoid the use of strong acids and alkali substances. Because this kind of material will cause the probe surface paint layer peeling or thickness drop, and affect the probe detection distance effect.
  • Do not spray the sensor with high pressure water, such as a water gun, or squeeze or impact the sensor surface in other ways, which may cause its failure.
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