Warranty Detailed Policy

Daysyore is committed to providing excellent after-sales service to our customers. We offer 12-month warranty periods tailored to various product categories. If you require any after-sales assistance, please contact us at support@daysyore.com. We are here to ensure your satisfaction and provide the necessary support for any issues you may encounter with our products. Thank you for choosing Daysyore.

Warranty time?

Daysyore offers products 12-month warranty for all products

1. The 30-day money-back guarantee refund request expires after 30 days to file a warranty claim. Refund requests for non-quality issues cannot be processed for products older than this 30-day window.

2. Quality problems caused by non-human factors within 6 months are free of charge, after-sales problems caused by human factors are paid for by warranty.

3. After 6 months, customers need to bear the shipping and handling fees generated by after-sales, and the customer service staff will communicate with the customer based on the order situation.

Warranty Service Procedure

1. Customers can reach us via email, online chat, WhatsApp, or our official social media platforms. You need to provide photos/videos of the product, including additional packaging photos for returns in the initial stage, along with details of the issue, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), error codes, etc. You should also send the purchase receipt and information about the purchasing platform.
2. Our after-sales service team evaluates the complaint's timeframe, determines if payment is required, and contacts development/procurement personnel for after-sales recommendations, such as issuing replacement parts, reshipping, or direct re-shipment.
3. We contact the customer to propose an after-sales solution and negotiate a resolution.
4. We arrange for the product return and re-shipment/refund, organize replacement parts, issue direct replacements if necessary, and conclude the after-sales service. 

Other Information: 

Company Name: Northrock Inc
Email: support@daysyore.com
Phone: +1 3346102017
Address: 1312 17th Street Ste 2110 Denver CO 80202 United States