Get the exact fit for your vehicle

Get the exact fit for your vehicle


Crankshaft Main Bearings Set 2700330201 2700330202 for Mercedes-Benz C300 W205 W176 M270 M274 M133 2.0

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Highlight of Main Bearings Set 2700330201 2700330202

  • Wear Resistance
  • High quality Cooper
  • Tight fit without Gap

Main Bearings Set 2700330201 2700330202 Information Confirmation Before Purchasing:

  1. VIN Number of your vehicle
  2. Make Year and Brand of your vehicle
  3. Engine Model
  4. The OE Number of the exact part you want to buy.(If it's available)


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Make Mercedes-Benz
OE Number 2700330201 2700330202
Weight 0.5kg
Warranty 12 Months
Quantity 10 Pcs
Mercedes-Benz 2013-2018 C200 
Mercedes-Benz 2014-2018 C250 
Mercedes-Benz 2015-2018 C260 
Mercedes-Benz 2013-2018 C300
Mercedes-Benz 2015-2018 C350e 
Mercedes-Benz 2015-2017 CLS260

When a main bearing fails, several symptoms can occur:engine noise、loss of oil pressure、increased engine vibration、engine overheating、engine performance issues.

Knocking or rattling sound,Grinding or whining sound,Ticking or clicking sound,Squealing sound.

Some common reasons for main bearing damage: lack of lubrication, overload, improper installation, manufacturing defects, age and wear.

Many times, replacing the main bearing of the engine requires the removal of the crankshaft. This is because the main bearings are located in the engine body and are used to support the crankshaft. To replace the bearing, the crankshaft must be removed from the engine body. However, in some cases, some specialized tools and techniques can be used to replace the main bearing without removing the crankshaft. But the use of tools to remove more difficult, higher requirements, it is best not to easily try.

It is recommended not to drive a car with bad main bearings. The main bearing is the key component of the engine, supporting the crankshaft and making it rotate smoothly. Once the main bearing is damaged or worn, it may cause the crankshaft to be misplaced, resulting in increased friction, heat, and wear on other engine components. Continued operation with poor main bearings may cause further damage to the engine and may lead to engine failure.

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