Daysyore Adjustable Track Bar For 2005-2016 Ford F250 F350 4WD

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Failure Symptoms

  • Excessive body roll: A worn or damaged adjustable track bar can cause the front axle to shift or become misaligned, which can lead to excessive body roll during cornering or turning.
  • Steering play or looseness: A worn or damaged adjustable track bar can cause the steering to feel loose or imprecise, with excessive play or wandering when driving.
  • Vibration or shaking: A damaged or worn adjustable track bar can cause vibrations or shaking in the steering wheel, especially at higher speeds or when driving on uneven roads.

  • Uneven tire wear: A misaligned or worn adjustable track bar can cause uneven tire wear, which can lead to reduced tire life and increased expenses for tire replacements.
  • Vehicle pulls to one side: If the adjustable track bar is worn or damaged, it can cause the front axle to shift to one side, which can lead to the vehicle pulling or drifting to one side when driving.
  • Noisy suspension: A worn or damaged adjustable track bar can cause noise or clunking sounds to come from the suspension system, especially when driving over bumps or uneven roads.

How to Install

1. Park your Ford F250/F350 on a flat surface and engage the parking brake to prevent it from rolling.
2. Remove the old track bar by loosening the bolts at both ends of the bar and carefully removing them from the vehicle.
3. Install the new adjustable track bar by inserting one end into the chassis mount and the other end into the front axle mount. Make sure the bar is properly aligned and the bolts are threaded into the mounts.
4. Tighten the bolts on both ends of the adjustable track bar using a torque wrench to ensure proper fitment and alignment.
5. Adjust the length of the track bar as needed using the provided adjustment mechanism. This may involve loosening and tightening bolts, adjusting a turnbuckle, or using another mechanism specific to your adjustable track bar.
6. Once the track bar is properly adjusted, re-tighten all bolts and recheck the alignment to ensure that the front axle is properly centered under the vehicle.
7. Take your Ford F250/F350 for a test drive and ensure that the steering feels responsive and stable, and that there is no noticeable vibration or noise coming from the suspension.

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