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The Must-Know Guide to Fuel Injector Cleaning

by Daysyore Auto Parts 16 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Are you tired of poor fuel economy, sluggish acceleration, and engine roughness? Over time, debris, gum, and other contaminants can accumulate in the injectors, restricting fuel flow and leading to engine problems.

Fortunately, fuel injector cleaning is a simple and effective solution that can restore your engine's efficiency and power. By removing contaminants and buildup, you can ensure your fuel injectors are functioning at their best and help prevent costly engine repairs down the road. So why wait? Take your engine to the next level with fuel injector cleaning today! There are three methods to clean fuel injectors by yourself as follows:

How to clean fuel injectors for beginners?

As a beginner, even if you are interested in mechanical knowledge but still lack of relevant experience, so this method is more friendly to novices, but the cleanliness is relatively weak.

1. Pour the specified amount of cleaning fluid into the nearly empty fuel tank.
2. Fill the tank with fuel as directed.
3. Repeat at every fuel-filling period.

How to clean fuel injectors without removal?

This method allows for further cleaning without removing the fuel injectors from the vehicle engine.

1. Preparation

Gather all necessary tools including wrench set and air compressor. as well as fuel injector cleaning kit, such as a fuel injector cleaner solution, a fuel pressure gauge, a vacuum gauge, and a clean rag. Please organize these tools and keep them within easy reach to make operation easier.

Simultaneously, you need to be dressed appropriately with wearing a long-sleeved top and long pants, and nitrile gloves, so that your skin is protected during the cleaning. Besides, please wear a mask and good eye protection.

Moreover, you'd better choose a well-ventilated area like a driveway or open garage, because you'll be using cleaning solvents.

2. Find the fuel injectors

If you are unsure where your fuel injectors locate, please check your vehilce manual or look online for the appropriate information about your vehicle.

3. Disconnect the fuel pump

Just pull the fuel injectors to separate them from the fuel pump, and then connect the fuel return line to the fuel pump. When you clean the fuel injectors, the gas will go back into the fuel tank.

4. Relieve fuel pressure

Look for the pressure regulator to release the fuel pressure by locating the fuel pressure relief valve and opening it. This will prevent fuel from leaking out when you remove the injectors.

5. Use the cleaning kit

Remove the cap from the fuel injector canister, and fill canister with the specialized cleaning solution. According to the cleaning kit manual, correctly attach the canister hose to the fuel rail test port with a proper adapter. And attach air supply to the air port.

6. Turn the vehicle on

Start the engine and wait for about 5-10 minutes until all of the cleaning solution has used up.

7. Return to original status

Disconnect the hose from the fuel rail to remove the cleaning kit. And put the fuel cap back into place. Reattach the fuel pump and pressure regulator to the fuel injectors.

8. Check for proper functioning

Start the engine and check for proper operation of the fuel injectors. If everything is working correctly, the engine should run smoothly without any misfires or stalling. If you still notice something abnormally, please ask for a professional mechanic.

How to clean fuel injectors with removal?

If you still feel that the above two methods don’t do the trick, you can choose to completely disassemble the fuel injectors and clean them by hand.

1. Preparation & Location

Prepare for essential tools and cleaning kit and locate the fuel injectors as before.

2. Disconnect the fuel pump

Relieve the fuel pressure with the fuel pump disconnected.

3. Remove the fuel injectors

Locate the fuel injectors in your engine and remove them. Some injectors may be attached to a fuel rail and will require removing the fuel rail first. This means that any parts that may be preventing access to the fuel injectors need to be removed first. And put these removed parts aside in the order of disassembly to avoid any mistakes when subsequently installing them back.

4. Clean the fuel injectors

  • Remove the upper and lower sealing rings and scrap them (Replace 2 new sealing rings after cleaning). Use a carburetor cleaner to clean the inlet and outlet of the fuel injector.
  • Then connect the fuel injector inlet to the carburetor cleaner tubule with 12V voltage. If the tubule is too thin to operate, you can wrap it using the black tape to make it thicker. Pre-connect the positive lead and 12V battery positive, please note that shall not connect the negative lead. No electric connection before cleaning, otherwise the fuel injector may be damaged.

  • Spray carburetor cleaner into the injector and check its leakage without energizing the injector.
  • Intermittently energize the injector solenoid coil and let the carburetor cleaner clean the injector, while observing its spray atomization.
  • Repeat the previous step until the fuel injectors are clean. Unclean fuel injectors spray like rain, clean fuel injectors spray like mist.

5. Reinstall the injectors

If you removed the fuel rail earlier, reattach it and secure any bolts or clips that were removed.

Then reinstall the cleaned injectors back into the engine. Make sure they are securely in place.

6. Test the injectors

Reconnect the fuel pump and restart the engine to test your fuel injectors whether work smoothly. If you still face issues like rough idling, poor fuel economy even engine damage, please seek help from a specific professional who can carefully examine your engine, identify the specific problem and solve it.


To sum up, fuel injector cleaning is an effective solution for anyone looking to improve their vehicle's performance, efficiency, and longevity.

Of course, some fuel injectors that can no longer be cleaned will need to be replaced, and at Daysyore Auto Car Parts, you're sure to find one that will satisfy you. Even with new injectors, please remember to clean them regularly to maintain a longer lifespan.

With regular cleaning, you can ensure that your fuel injectors are functioning at their best, delivering the right amount of fuel to the engine for optimal performance. Don't let dirty fuel injectors hold you back any longer. Your engine will thank you!

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