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How to Maintain a Car?

by 17 Aug 2022

First, we need to know why we must maintain our car. Cars are composed of various mechanical parts, and after a certain time of use will produce wear or consumption. Through maintenance to make these parts can be more normal and lasting work, and can reduce the probability of parts damage. This not only saves the money of repairing and replacing parts but also maximizes the protection of our lives and property.

Routine items that require maintenance

  • Oil Change

Oil can be considered as the lubricating oil of the engine, and regular oil replacement is the most basic project of car maintenance. Changing the oil can improve engine life, make the engine smoother and quieter, and be fuel efficient.

  • The brake

Brake Pads or Brake fluids are the main objects to check.

Brake pads or brake oil usually only need to be checked once, and not every time replaced, the specific replacement time can be consulted to the car dealer.

  • Transmission

Transmission maintenance usually refers to the conventional inspection and the replacement of Transmission Oil. Generally, the gearbox needs major maintenance after tens of thousands of miles. The price is relatively high but the frequency is low. For details, you can refer to the car Manual or the car dealer.

  • Power Steering

Usually, we need to check the power steering wheel's oil color, and whether there is an oil leakage phenomenon. Even if the probability of a problem is low.

  • Tire

The tire is also one of the necessary items for each maintenance, including tire pressure, tire wear, front and rear wheel adjustment, etc.

Tire Pressure is a very important Tire data index. It is necessary to check whether the Tire Pressure on the dashboard is normal before driving every time.

Tire Tread is commonly used to judge Tire wear. When Tire Tread reaches a peak, tires need to be replaced.

Tire Rotation is also a common project. Because the steering wheel wears out more than the rear wheel, the front and rear tires are rotated to keep the overall wear level consistent.

  • Driving Belt (Serpentine Belt/Timing Belt)  

The transmission belt generally does not appear to be a problem, in the maintenance of the car will do some simple inspection, and tell whether it needs to be replaced.  

Generally speaking, older cars need to be aware of this.

  • Lighting/function indicator

Car dealers will check all kinds of lights to see if there is no light or poor contact and other problems.

The car dealer will check the dashboard function indicator to see if it is working properly, which is generally not a problem

  • Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are parts that need to be replaced regularly or quantitatively, depending on the brand and material of the vehicle.

The aging of the spark plug will cause the car to fail to start.

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