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Signal That the Spark Plug Needs to Be Replaced

by 17 Aug 2022

When the spark plug reaches the end of its useful life, these conditions may occur, such as increased fuel consumption, difficulty starting the engine, power loss, and idle speed instability.  The spark plug needs to be replaced depending on the following two conditions.

  • Carbon is deposited at the electrode

If the engine condition is not good enough (prone to carbon accumulation), carbon accumulation will adhere to the electrode, resulting in a smaller gap between the two electrodes. Carbon deposition of spark plug electrodes is not the main reason for replacement. If the ignition intensity is not enough because of the spark plug carbon deposition, and at the same time, it does not meet the replacement deadline specified by the manufacturer, it can be cleaned and reused according to the actual situation.

  • The gap in the center electrode becomes larger

The working environment of the cylinder is accompanied by high temperature and high pressure. Each spark plug will also generate tens of thousands of volts of high voltage, after a long time of work, the two electrodes will be directly shocked by the constant friction of high voltage and produce a gap. Thus, the gap between the two electrodes becomes larger, and the splash of spark is aggravated, which may cause the ignition instability of the mixed gas.

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